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  • Can an access point handle 250-500 clients concurrently?

 This is a theoretical value based on a clean-room setup. No wireless access points in the market are capable of handling that many clients concurrently in real life without compromising on the user experience. Trust us, the user experience is going to be terrible.​

  • All 4G routers deliver the same performance so long as you are using a 4G sim card. 

False. Not all products are built to perform. Most of the products out in the markets are not designed for large scale deployment. They lack the redundancy and performance enterprises routers provide. 

  • If there is a line of sight and the distance is under 50 meters. Only a single access point is needed to provide coverage for the whole area. 

False. Any trained engineer will tell you that this statement is highly inaccurate. The number of access points you will need for a specific venue/location depends on multiple factors. 

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