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   Managed Network Services   

Managed network services is a solution that combines flat-rate, unlimited technical support for a monthly fixed fee with the proactive monitoring of network performance and infrastructure.


Coupling with enterprise-grade equipment and pro-active support. Customers can be assured that they are getting the most out of the support model without the large initial hardware cost that most providers will ask them to purchase. 


Let our engineers at Pomegranets Pte Ltd take care of your network infrastructure while you take care of your business.

   Benefits at a glance   

Technical Support​

Our proactive, end-to-end network management service support, leaves you free to focus on your core business ensuring that your network is constantly performing at its peak.

Cutting Edge Technology​

Enable your business with valuable intelligence and control of your network to optimise, scale, manage and plan for the future.

Cost Savings​

Immediate cost savings. Do away the additional headcount required to manage your network and pricey equipment purchases. 

VPN & Cloud Remote Access​

Securely access your office network from anywhere via IPSec tunnel.

Security and Patches​


Secure your network the way enterprises do. Never allow guest connections near your production servers. 

Website Filtering​

Allow, Deny and track websites your users visit.  Gain full insight of what is going on within your network.

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