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Wireless has become an essential part of everyday life; people simply expect to be able to connect, wherever they are. Never risk your event success on over-utilised hotel or venues' network. Coupling with complications like radio interference, large crowds and thousands of devices. Its a recipe for disaster.

Pomegranets Pte Ltd offers a wide range of connectivity options for your event wifi needs, giving you the reliability and guarantee to make your event a success. Regardless of the size of the venue or crowd, we have the experience and expertise to ensure that your wireless experience is flawless. 


Some of our past and current projects include high-speed 4G wifi connectivity for retail booths and convention hall coverage to low latency fiber optic internet connectivity for the local gaming scene.  We serve a range of business customers across different sectors: Medical conferences, Hackathons, Gaming Tournaments, Natas Travel Fair and Government events. 

Quality internet speed and services have never been this easy even with short lead-time. Our industry accredited and certified engineers will ensure that everything will be ready on time. 

Reach out to our network experts today for your event wifi needs!

event wifi rental for large event - Singapore
Pomegranets Pte Ltd | Service Integrator | Event Wifi Experts

   Advantages of having your own dedicated event wifi network  

  • Network hygiene, No bandwidth or network sharing with others

  •  Dedicated and secure network connection only

  • Fast and stable internet connectivity speed

  • Low cost, fixed charges. No surprise bill

  • Scalable solution from 1 - 10,000 users

  • Reliable

    WIFI and Ethernet (LAN) for all your devices (Example: Laptops, Phones and Printers

  • Enterprise network control option such as traffic shaping, content filtering etc

   Event Wifi Rental Offerings   

Our wifi rental offerings can be categorised into two main categories, Mobile 4G solution and Enterprise 4G solution. 

With positive user experience in mind, all of our wifi solutions have been field-tested and we have a strong track record of delivering outstanding performance and experience for our clientele. To add on, our enterprise 4G solution is scalable, providing concurrent internet access of up to 10,000 devices without compromise. (With the option of fiber broadband integration).

For a quick breakdown difference between both event wifi rental offerings, please refer to the diagram below. 


   Mobile 4G Solution Pricing   

3 days unlimited usage @ $110

  • Unlimited 4G data (No speed throttling and Cap)

  • Choice of service provider (M1 or Starhub)

  • No extra charges for setup and delivery

  • Wireless name Customization

  • Connects 1-14 devices

  • Prompt Technical Support

  • Ultra-fast installation

Pomegranets Pte Ltd | Service Integrator | Event Wifi Experts

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Pomegranets Pte Ltd | Service Integrator | Event Wifi Experts

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